Echoing the concerns of the “Silent Majority.”


  1. To immediately change the format and content for the Safe Schools Program.
    • Children need to be taught reading ,writing and arithmetic, not gender issues.
  2. To combat the social engineering emanating from the extreme left.
    • Small pressure groups, influencing the majority.
  3.  To fight for total freedom of speech.
    • Repeal 18c
  4. To question the viability of our judicial system.
    • Too many stories of helpless victims and families.
  5. To promote small business and the free enterprise system.
    • Small business is our largest employer.
  6. To look beyond “money fixes” for education and hospital.
    • More accountability for our educators and administration people.
  7. To stop tinkering with our superannuation system.
    • Too much uncertainty for our superannuants.
  8. To encourage people to provide for themselves.
    • A hand up is better than a hand out.
  9. To reduce our personal tax rates and provide for incentive. Plus retain negative gearing.
    • Large taxation is crippling incentive.
  10. To care for our farmers and bring more water from north to the southern states.
    • Too much water running into the sea.
  11. To uphold our Christian and family values, but also respect other religions.
    • Never forget or apologise for our Christian heritage.
  12. To look after our volunteer firefighters and other volunteer services.
    • Salt of the earth, worth protecting.

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